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At Uber Kids we realise the importance when it comes to playpens that child safety is key! We want to ensure you that they can’t just go off exploring and they are kept in a safe environment.

When choosing the right playpen for you its worth reading the small print to make sure its right for your little one in relation to age especially. The height and weight might make a difference on which one you choose. Playpens can provide a safe space for babies to play and peace of mind for the parent it is always worth before you purchase one to think about the floor space you have.

Some babies love the sense of a playpen as its their place to play, sleep, create an imaginary world or just watch mummy and daddy. Some key things to remember when using a playpen – never leave your child unattended, keep the playpen clean and make sure there is nothing they can use to lever or step on to climb out. Don’t leave it near an open fire or any other heat source or have anything that could cause strangulation. Always check the safety regulations and make sure there are no holes in the side or padding.