Outdoor Play

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Uber Kids aims to turn part of your garden into that fun and action-packed playground your child has always dreamed of and we want to bring all your family together especially on those warm sunny summer days!

We want your children to not only be active but also love nature, explore their imagination and embrace the outside world starting in their back garden. Outdoor play incorporates many real-life skills from cognitive to motor skills by playing with balance bikes, scooters and ride-on’s.

Physical outdoor play can be achieved on slides, climbing frames, trampolines or seesaws as these are great forms of exercise. Regards to a child’s imagination when it comes to sandpits, tents and tepees and playhouses there is so much fun to be had. Being outside also enhance a child’s health and wellbeing, and helps tire them out ready for an afternoon nap or night time sleeping routine.

Now let your little one explore the magical world of their garden!