Nursery Furniture & Bedding

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We realise that you and your baby will spend the majority of both of your time in the early days in the nursery whether it be to fed or changed or just to play so it is important to make it calm and comfortable for you both to be in at all times. The lighting should be subdued and there should be little noise.

The nursery should be a place where everything is accessible to you for example nappies next to the changing table and muslin cloths near to your feeding chair if you have one. It may take some time to arrange it how you want it to work for you so expect to move the furniture around as the months go by.

At Uber Kids we can offer an array of cots and cribs, complete room sets and bedding and lighting to match and we can cater for any budget you may have. Getting the nursery ready should not be seen as a challenge it should be taken one step at a time and all we want is to make sure your child is safe, secure and has the best nights sleep where possible and you of course!