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A soother can be a real saver for any parent as they help to comfort your baby and give you some quiet time. Some babies find that a cuddle or a gentle rocking in the arms will sooth them but some will want to continue with their feed and can’t get enough of suckling that is where a soother really can help. A soother should not be used as a substitute for feeding but it can be used to settle your little one quickly. Soothers can help break the sucking of the thumb habit too but they can become a habit and some parents don’t want to introduce one but it really is personal choice. We also offer soother clips which can help when the child gets a little older to put the soother in their mouth themselves, but these clips should not be used at nigh time or any nap times and should be removed prior to you baby falling asleep. Glow in the dark soothers are ideal for not only your baby to find them in their cot if they are able to move around but also for parents to find them in the dark of the night when you don’t want to completely disturb your baby.