Breastfeeding Equipment

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At Uber Kids we aim to help Mum and baby feel comfortable and relaxed during the bonding experience and reduce any stress or anxiety that is connected to breastfeeding.  

Most women breastfeed their child up to the ages of 3 - 12 months so at Uber Kids we offer lots of different feeding accessories for every stage of the breastfeeding process. Our range of breastfeeding essentials are sourced from trusted brands and include everything from breast pumps, nursing pads, milk storage bags and even breast therapy and latch assists and so much more.

As a new Mum we want to help you grow your confidence and look after you’re wellbeing. We understand it is not always an easy thing to take on so to show our support we have some beautiful nursing scarfs and oversized muslin cloths which are super comfy and help you to discreetly nurse your baby.