Potty Training

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So you may have decided that you want to skip the potty and go straight to the toilet or perhaps your little one has indicated that’s what they want to do. Just like potty training there are pros and cons but if that is the path you and your child decide upon we can help. It is important to remember that toilet training is an emotional experience and will affect the outcome of how successful it will be so try and go at a slow pace and praise is key. The main obstacle that some children may face is the getting on and off the toilet, at Uber Kids we have a variety of step up stools and aids that can assist the child to get them onto the toilet seat with little or no help from mummy or daddy.

Toilet trainers are ideal to help the child remain stable at all times. One of the main positives is that if you are out and about it can be much easier if the child is using a toilet. Toilet training also helps them with hygiene in the bathroom – washing their hands and practicing the routine of what it would be like to everyday use the toilet like a big girl or boy. Just remember accidents will happen but it is all part of the learning curve that is toilet training.