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Strollers tend to be lightweight, convenient and easy to use – to put up and down. They are ideal for parents on the move who want it to be stored away quickly and have busy work and weekend lives. When your child can sit up confidently you may want to think about moving to a stroller. Strollers are well suited for older babies but the transition is easy to do when you are ready. Most strollers should have 5 point harness and perhaps have an umbrella fold feature. Most strollers are not parent facing so that’s another factor to consider – is your baby ready for that? Are you? Strollers don’t tend to have as much suspension as prams and pushchairs so what will you be using it for? Most strollers are made to reduce space so ideal for boot space, not all so that’s worth a check too. We have a wide collection and some key market brands for you to look at and cross reference for what you really need it for.