Rattles & Comforters

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Babies will start to use their hands and mouth to explore new objects and this is such a crucial part of their early development. Uber Kids offer small and safe toys from a baby rattle to a soft push comforter for your baby to look, listen and touch.

A lot of rattles and comforters have different textures, shapes and sounds and all link in with sensory development which helps your little one to explore the world around them. More popular than ever is the wrist and ankle rattles or the comforters with little tags on or a plastic teether these especially are doing two jobs at the same time  - comforting and helping with teething. Teddies and Bunnies are classic favourites to cosy up to when it comes to nap time they are also ideal to settle your baby and can be used in replacement of a dummy.

Always try to buy in twos so one can be washed while the other can be used or if one gets lost you won’t have an unhappy baby.