Baby Swimming Accessories

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An essential life skill, swimming is a healthy and fun activity, building strength, endurance and keeping you and your little one healthy as you spend time in the pool together. Here at Uber Kids, we like to encourage the best start in life for your water baby! We supply a range of kids swimming aids such as kickboards, arm-bands and even inflatable swim trainer seats which you can sit your child inside, allowing them free-movement of their arms and legs meaning they don't submerge their upper body whilst they learn to be safe in the water. There are snug swim nappies which can be work over regular nappies to contain any little accidents and other swimming equipment like goggles to stop little eyes getting sore in the water, and dive sticks which are a useful tool for developing confidence in the water and strong swimming skills, but also can be used as part of a fun game. Also included in this category are clothing items such as rash vests which offer great sun protection around the pool or at the beach, trunks and swimming costumes in different sizes to suit your little one and buoyant swim jackets.