Cots & Cot Beds

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At Uber Kids we understand that safety and comfort is essential for your baby when it comes to sleeping. As parents you want the reassurance that to know when you sleep your baby is secure and cosy in their own sleeping space. We stock brands that not only offer quality for the price but also have undergone the foundations of testing for wear and tear and endurance.

Style can also be an important factor for a baby’s nursery as parents think of it as an extension of how a family’s home feels and aim to create a calming nursery atmosphere at bedtimes.

Our cots come in a variety of styles, sleigh, space saver, drop side and those that come with complimentary items such as mattresses and under draws to give you that much needed nursery storage and are all available to suit any parents budget.

A cot or cot bed should be an investment as this is what your baby will sleep in for quite a few years in their early stages of their life and it is here they will spend most of their time either sleeping peacefully or watching the world go.