Baby Food Preparation

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When it comes to making your own food for your little one it is so much easier than you can imagine and also helps with the pennies as you won’t be spending money on prepackaged baby food. Most importantly you know exactly what you are feeding your baby. Mashed and pureed food are great ways to introduce textured homemade food to your baby and they also help with getting them to eat the same food as you in the long run. Finger foods and chunky textures are also other types of food to offer your baby but more often than not they will let you know what they prefer when their plate is clean or there is nothing on the floor. Choosing the right equipment is also vital to food preparation you could use anything from a blender or food processor to a fork its really up to you! We offer all variances to help with this process and we even have the insulated jars and food storage on hand to once all your food is cooked. Food preparation is also about pre planning and once you have done that then the food experimenting can then begin…..