Breast Pumps

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We know at Uber Kids that breastfeeding can be one of a new Mum’s greatest challenges, we also know that it is one of the most natural things in the world to do so we want to make sure that this experience is a memorable one for both Mum and baby.

The first decision you will make when buying your breast pump is whether to buy a manual breast pump (hand operated) or electric breast pump would best meet your requirements and budget.

Manual pumps are the perfect option if you express occasionally, or if they you are always on-the-go and want something lighter, and more compact to throw in your handbag. They are also a more budget friendly option for first time Mum. Other Mums prefer electric breast pumps for expressing more regularly, if you have a baby in special care, or are returning to work. They are perfect for Mum’s who want to save time as it will do most of the hard work for you but a little more expensive, some can also be battery powered but most are mains operated.