Breastfeeding Accessories

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You have made the decision to breastfeed your baby but that doesn’t mean you don’t need some extras to help you along the way. The choice starts with items to help your baby latch on, which can sometimes be troublesome to some mums and moves onto shields to protect your nipples when they are feeling delicate. Next, you will need something to protect your clothing from the inevitable leaking milk, oh the joys of parenthood! Some mothers feel comfortable breastfeeding in public as it’s completely natural but, if you feel self-conscious, then you should invest in a shawl, whether it just be a simple cotton shawl or a one designed specifically for breastfeeding that will cover your modesty whilst still letting you see your little one as they feed.

We also have special breast milk containers and bags allowing you to express your breast milk and store it, whether that be so dad can get involved with the feeding and bonding process (don’t forget to check the bottle feeding section!), or for when you return to work, and you are not always available to feed them. Uber kids wish you well on your breastfeeding journey and are always on hand to help you pick the items you need.