Bottle Feeding Accessories

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Bottle feeding can be stressful, we know. Constant scalds, spills, missing lids, dropping formula all over the floor... and several times a day too; it can be frustrating. Within this category, we aim to help with some of those bottle-feeding issues. Inside, you'll find bottle brushes to help keep those bottles and teats in tip-top shape and hygienically clean. We have sealing discs to help stop spills because there's nothing worse than finding out that one of your bottles has leaked and soaked the contents of your changing bag. We also have an array of different styles of formula containers, some stackable, some compartmentalised so that you can measure up before mealtimes. The containers can also be used for healthy snacks as your little one grows older, so they can be used for a long time. Also inside this category are bottle driers, formula mixer and various other bottle feeding miscellany. We're always adding to the range, so we recommend keeping an eye out for new products periodically.