Baby Bottle Teats & Nipples

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Whether you have made the decision to bottle feed exclusively, or you are bottle feeding alongside breast feeding so dad can be involved you are going to need some baby bottle teats. Teats are made to fit specific brands of bottle, so it is important to ensure you choose the right ones.
Teats also come in different flow rates, can be made from different materials and also come in different shapes. The 2 materials teats are made out of are silicone and latex – there is no one type that is better them the other, it all comes down to what your little one prefers; latex tends to be softer and more flexible, but silicone is more durable, so it may be with trying your baby with both to see what they prefer. Flow rates range from slow to fast and also include variable, these should not be chosen by age but by your baby’s needs. The shape of the teat also has no bearing on how good they are, again it is down to what your baby prefers although some shapes are designed to resemble a nipple, which may assist if combi-feeding.