I-size Car Seats

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You may have heard of i-Size (sometimes stylised as isize) but what exactly is it? Well, it's the popular name for a European standard safety law, R129, brought in to eventually replace the existing R44/04 standard. It's the way that car manufacturers and child car seat manufacturers can ensure that your little one stays safe as possible as they travel. Modern cars are developed to be i-Size compatible and the safest car seats are too. They take the stringent safety testing that any car seat must pass in order to be sold on the market, but go even further, rigorously testing the seat with additional side-impact and rollover testing. The main differences to you are that your child will be able to travel rear-facing for longer (widely regarded as the safest way) and car seats categories are no longer determined by weight but by height. It also means your seat will be able to be fitted more easily; all i-Size ready cars can fit all i-Size seats so no more having to check the manufacturer's websites. To be i-Size compliant, the seat needs to be fitted with ISOFIX for stability, and ISOFIX points are available in all modern cars.