Car Seat Pillows & Supports

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As an adult, you know that a long car journey can be arduous and sometimes uncomfortable. At least, if you're a passenger you can take a nap without worry of injuring yourself. But if your child falls asleep on a journey- as they often do- you worry that they aren't getting the support they need. You might see their head lolling forward- and in the event of a crash or a sudden stop, this can be quite dangerous. Of course, there are car seats out there with features designed to stop this happening, but for the majority of seats, you'll likely need one of the car seat supports or child seat pillows which we have in this category. Inside, you'll find comfortable seat supports- very handy if you have a small child and you need to reduce the seat a little for a snug fit, and a selection of pillows and reck rolls to support those delicate areas, letting them take a nap and giving you peace of mind. Now isn't that more relaxing?