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Pushchairs can be identified as many things from prams to strollers and travel systems to doubles and not forgetting 3 wheels and terrains. So, it is easy to get confused about what you need and what to buy. Popping to the shops or even taking your little one on a walk is not always an easy process but something that is done on a daily basis so therefore you must be comfortable with your choice from day one. They all have their pros and cons and at Uber Kids we always recommend that you perhaps pop in store to speak with one of our team of experts as they can give you the confidence that you are purchasing the right one for you. For example some are not suited for children under 6 months old as they don’t recline enough, some travel systems are versatile but can be expensive. Some 3 wheelers and terrains are ideal for countryside explorers but not for inner city commuters. The right pushchair needs to make your life easier and most of all be value for money and give you the longevity you need.