Ride-on Boards

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Ride on boards also known as buggy boards or stroller platforms can convert a single pushchair to a double child carrier with little fuss  at a low cost. The ride on boards clip onto the back of the buggies so your little one can stand or sit depending on which one you have bought, these are ideal for tired toddlers who are old enough to walk but need that little break out time ever so often. Most pushchairs have their own buggy boards and are specific to the make and model of the buggy but there is a large amount of universal buggy boards on the high street that can be used from one pram to another but we advise you to always check first.

Uber Kids offers all types including the 2 in 1 boards these can be used as scooters away from your stroller perhaps for the older child. We also offer many types of comfort and saddle seats with the boards for extra comfort and security this is ideal for a child that perhaps is not a confident walker or if they just prefer to sit down, some can come with harness straps also to give the parents piece of mind.