Pushchair Liners

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Once you have bought your pushchair you may want to buy an accessory such as a liner as this can help create a whole new look for your pushchair. Pushchair liners can be seasonal, so in the summer you can use one as some can cool your child as they have breathable fabrics such as mesh which lets the air circulate and also the liner can be used outside of the stroller as a seat for the floor when having a picnic for example. In winter they can be used for warmth and comfort on those winter walks and frosty mornings. They can also change the look of your stroller along with protecting the seat fabric underneath from spills and stains. We have bright and contrasting colours for all style types and even lambswool or memory foam for extra comfort. Fleece liners are becoming more popular and faux fur. Most liners are reversible, and majority are all machine washable.