Wooden Toys

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Wooden Toys are classic toys for any child of any age. They don’t only look premium but they are stable and practical. Role play is now a huge part of a child's everyday learning from nursery to school and items such as the wooden kitchens and food give them only added learning skills. For younger children our wooden baby toys such as the hammer benches, chunky puzzles, sound blocks are great gifts. We also offer wooden walkers and pull alongs to help with the next stage a child goes on after baby play – when they learn to walk! Wooden toys can help children experiment and build on their fine motor skills and create a safe play environment.

Our range of wooden toys are bright and eye catching and really give you a sense of bringing the outside in with some of the toys we have to offer especially some of the farm characters. Wooden toys are also something that can be kept in the family and can be handed down generation by generation. The main positive is that wooden toys are here for the long haul and have so much play longevity and are just timeless gifts for any young child to have.