Travel Cots

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Travelling with your little one at times can be stressful and then the worry that maybe the destination you are going to for that overnight stay might not have a cot can be added pressure, so a travel cot is the best solution and most popular with all parents. A travel cot enables your baby to sleep in a familiar environment, as they more than likely sleep in a cot at home. As they are contained it gives you the freedom as parents to have a good night’s sleep as you know they can’t escape in the middle of the night.

Most of the travel cots we supply have a carry bag and removeable mattress but we also sell separate mattresses for extra comfort. Travel cots can be folded away to save space and are lightweight. Always ensure the travel cot is correct for the age of your child as it can vary from model to model and once the travel cot is up always make sure its stable and all the sides are locked in place.