Night Lights

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When you're a child, having a room to yourself can be a bit scary. Sometimes it takes a while for them to grow accustomed to having their own space and settle in. As a parent, you obviously want to make their sleeping pattern as natural as possible for their benefit and your own! So why not consider a night light? Children's night lights are a great way to provide some comfort to your little one, illuminating their room just enough to assure them that there is nothing to be scared of, but at the same time not being bright enough to keep them awake. If they do wake up in the night, having that familiar glow there could also be enough to lull them back to a peaceful slumber. In this category, you'll find kids nightlights in several different forms- ones that plug in, some battery powered, toddler night light projectors which display stars or other patterns, colour-changing nightlights for babies, portable night lights and others that include music, lullabies or other calming sounds so you can all get a peaceful night’s sleep.