Folding & Wooden Highchairs

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Highchairs are an essential at mealtimes when you start weaning, designed to keep the baby at a convenient- often table- height to make feeding easier, this can also be great for keeping your baby secure and out of the way particularly if you have pets. There are many different types of highchair depending on your specific needs. Lightweight and foldable plastic chairs are often the most affordable, with wooden models that can grow with the child being at the top of the range. One of the most important features is the use of a harness, as you’ll need to keep the child secure, whether it’s by a 5-point harness or just a lap belt. Another big factor is the tray, whether it’s adjustable and removable, as you may want to put the chair up against the table directly, as well as some trays having a second removable washable layer that makes cleaning between courses so much easier. The design of a highchair can make a big difference to usability – you’ll want to look for plenty of padding whether it’s fabric and machine washable, or PVC that’s easy to wipe clean. Weaning is messy, so ensuring there aren’t any nooks and crannies that attract crumbs and baby food is crucial.