Extended Rear Facing Car Seats

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Extended rear facing or ERF seats (sometimes called backwards facing seats as well) have been proven to be the safest way for your baby to travel. While there is no law to say your child must stay rear facing after they outgrow their infant carrier, but the longer they stay rear facing the better. This is due to the stress that is placed on the neck and spine during a crash, particularly a frontal crash. A baby’s head accounts for around 25% of its body weight (compared to around 6% in an adult), causing it to fly forward in a crash in a forward-facing car seat. When your child is in a rear facing seat, their whole head and spine is supported by the back of the seat causing far fewer injuries.
People often worry that their little one won’t fit in the seat or will have no place for their legs, or even, just won’t like facing backwards – well we can put your minds at rest, we sell seats that are suitable for a child of up to 25kg (approx 6 years old), your child will put their legs wherever they are comfy, whether that be up the back of the car seat or crossed, and you child will know no different if you don’t change them to forward facing!