Car Sun Shades

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Uber Kids offers sun shades that can be used on your actual infant carrier car seat. These are ideal if you are in and out your car in the heat of the day and some can act as a black out blind, ventilated of course so can keep your little asleep until the time comes to get them out. We offer sun shades that go inside your car and can act as a roller blind or can be suctioned on. The back wind screen of your car attracts sunlight so when your baby or toddler is facing rearward it will keep the summer rays out and we also have specialist night time ones for your car that create the twilight star effect for those longer journeys when you want your baby to sleep. The inside of your car when it is parked in a non-shaded spot and exposed to extensive sunlight can sustain sun and heat damage and by having sunshades you can create more coolness in the car. Sunlight passing through the inside of the car can create a temperature much higher than the outside air so once you are mobile you know that your baby or toddler is safe on any journey. Always stop and check to see there is plenty of shade inside your car and keep the car ventilated at all times.