Car Seat Protectors

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Car seat protectors usually come in one of 2 forms; one that protects the seat that the car seat sits on and one that protects the back of the seat in front. There are a wide range of brands available, some which will match your car seat manufacturer and other not.

The protectors that are designed to be used under the car seat are primarily used to stop the car seat making dents in your upholstery. They also provide some protection against the inevitable spills and crumbs that are part and parcel of transporting little ones around in your car. They are designed to not impact on the ISOFIX points in your car and can help to stop the seat sliding around.

The other type of protector attaches to the back of the front seats in the car and protects against muddy feet! They also, generally speaking, have lots of pockets for keeping bits and bobs in to keep your child occupied on your journey, in fact, some of them have a pocket to put a computer tablet in to keep them occupied.

Whether you need some advice as to what will fit your vehicle or which one to use, we are only ever a phone call away!