Pushchair Seat Units

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If your little family is starting to get bigger, you might need an upgrade to turn your pushchair into a double pushchair! If you're lucky enough to own a pushchair that can convert from one passenger to two, then we have the extra seat you'll need right here. Some seats are designed to clip into place on the chassis with adaptors or slot into existing ports, whereas some products within this category are just extra parts to help you convert a carrycot into a seat unit. It could be that you have been gifted a pre-loved pushchair, and the chassis is fine, but the seat unit had seen better days. We might just have the matching detachable pram seat for you inside. Maybe your first child has used the pushchair (and has now grown out of it) and you'd like to re-use the chassis but add a different coloured seat instead of a pushchair seat liner for your second child, giving it a different identity?