Pushchair Blankets

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Keeping your little one warm as you travel is a necessity. Because children's skin is much thinner than an adults skin, they feel the cold more, so you must keep them wrapped up warmly during those colder days. Unfortunately, some pushchairs don't have enough give in their harness to accommodate a bulky coat, so pram blankets are an ideal solution. Inside this category, you will find a selection of baby blankets for prams- you're bound to find one that suits the style of your little one. From colourful character blankets which provide a sense of familiarity and therefore comfort, to blankets with different patterned materials like a bumpy cable knit or silky borders which little fingers can run over to help stimulate your little one's sense of touch, you'll find a blanket that will fast become your little one's constant companion. The blankets can also be used in car seats since you can't use a coat in a car seat- a blanket is a much safer option, and are often large enough for use in cribs too.