Sandpits & Water Play

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Bring your summer holiday home with you with our range of sandpits and play tables including water play tables. We offer many types of sandpits from lidded ones to ones that can be used on the floor. Your little one will love to dig and love to make a splash with any of our products we offer. Sandpits and water play offers your child the opportunity to be imaginative and sociable and if you are worried about the expense of these items most of them come with lids and can be converted into picnic tables for when they are not being used so ideal pieces of furniture all year round. Sandpits and water play can give your child cognitive development and also the freedom of being in the fresh air rather than inside watching cartoons. Nature is a big influence also as this can be incorporated in play – for example small pieces of wood and leaves can be used in water to make models and boats. There is nothing nicer than on a warm and sunny day being outside and seeing your little one exploring the garden in the comfort of your home.