Motorised Ride-ons

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Zooming along on a motorised ride-on toy is loads of fun! Your little one can be the envy of their class as they turn up to school riding a motorised bike or quad (sunglasses are available to complete the look!). We have a large variety of electric ride on toys, including 24v ride on cars, 2-seater electric ride-ons so they can share the fun with a sibling or friend, electric 3-wheel motorbikes, "off-road" vehicles, battery-powered trains with tracks, trailers t pull and plenty more besides in a wide range of designs and colours. Some of the designs replicate and are licenced by famous racing brands too. Make a track in your garden and hold a race for all the children to bring their electric ride-on toys and get some healthy competition and good outdoor fun going- it's a great idea for a summer party! We especially like the 'off-road' vehicles which replicate proper SUVs, complete with seatbelts and working radios for a realistic driving experience! We also have replacement battery sets to keep everything fully charged.