Balance Bikes

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There are many different opinions on how you should teach your child to ride a bike and using a balance bike is one of them. With some bikes suitable from 18-month-olds you can get them started early but most are suitable for use from the age of 2. A balance bike is just like a ‘normal’ bike but without the pedals and chain, not only making it lighter but it teaches them the skill of balancing before they need to learn how to pedal. A balance bike replaces the need to have a bike with stabilisers or a trike and children who have mastered balancing on their balance bike usually move quickly and easily onto a standard bike.

Here at Uber Kids we have a range of balance bikes to suit every budget and style. Whether you prefer a wooden bike or a metal one that looks more like a ‘real’ bike so they can be like their siblings we have something to suit, we also have ones styled to look like motorbikes – how cool!