Baby Bouncers & Rockers

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Baby bouncer, rocker, recliner, lounger, baby swing - whatever they are called, they all essentially do the same job, albeit in different ways - they soothe and relax your little one so that they calm down or go to sleep. You can't underestimate their importance - both for your child and for you - giving them a safe environment to rest whilst you take a breather or get on with other important duties like cooking and grabbing a quick shower- most rockers and bouncers are mobile enough to come with you so your little one stays in sight! There are many types available from the inexpensive models which operate with your little one's natural weight and motion to swing them, to the more premium automated rockers which follow pre-set patterns of swinging. Some bouncers and rockers for babies contain toy bars to keep your child amused, whilst some are purely built for comfort, acting like another pair of cuddling parents' arms. We have a large range with many baby rockers and bouncers to choose from - all of which have been rigorously safety tested for your peace of mind.