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We offer products within this category that will not only help your little one sleep but also you get the well needed rest you deserve. Maternity and body pillows are now on every pregnant woman’s tick list as there will be a point in your pregnancy when comfort is the highest priority. They offer support around your bump and can help reduce cramping in your legs as they can help them stay elevated giving you that restful night sleep you have been waiting for. They also help relieve back pain and can mould to your body shape. Body pillows can come in handy after your baby is born as they can be used as a baby nest or nursing pillow, so they definitely are worth the initial expense. We also offer sleep positioners, reflux pillows and head supports for your little one. Reflux can be a common problem for many babies so the pillows we offer can help keep the body slightly upright whilst sleeping creating more comfort for your baby. Head support pillows can be used anywhere in the cot, stroller or car seat and they are a great help to reduce flat head syndrome which many babies can get.