Baby Car Seats

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Choosing the right infant carrier (G0+ - which is from birth to 13kg so approx. 15 months) is a hard choice to make and can be quite daunting. At Uber kids we have a wide variety of choice and the expert help you need to make that right choice. Infant carrier car seats are portable baby seats  and they fit into your car in a rear-facing position. Remember, not all car seats fit all vehicles so make sure yours are compatible. Safety is our number one concern and we want to make sure the journey you take is a smooth and stress free one, we want you to feel secure in knowing that your baby is safe at all times. Many of the seats are padded and all body protection is top of the list. Be mindful of how long they should be in an infant carrier as you don’t want them in the same position for a long time though. Most of our car seats have a carry handle as we know once your little one is asleep they then can be transported from car to home easily and some even be attached to a pushchair to form a travel system.