Baby Changing Mats

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Uber Kids understand that as new parents you are going to be changing a lot of nappies during your baby’s first couple of years. When choosing your changing mat you will most likely go for the design and colour but also consider what it is made out of.

We have vinyl style changing mats in unique designs that are great for use at home as they are easy to wipe clean but can often be cold against baby’s skin so using muslins and towelling mat liners help as they are warm and soft and can be thrown straight in the washing machine.

You can opt for handy fold-away travel changing mats for when you're out exploring. Fold-away mats can feature lots of handy storage compartments for wipes and a spare nappy, and can easily slip into your handbag for quick trips

Or if you are looking for something more ergonomic we have wedge-shaped mats made from a supportive foam filling. These mats are more expensive than the vinyl style changing mats but are designed to help support hips and relieve colic.